Elevate your vision with an array of creative services.

I have worked with dozens of individuals and organizations like authors, real estate agencies, construction companies, senior living providers, non-profits, hotels, restaurants, event venues, automotive dealers, and many more.

I live and breathe creativity, psychology fascinates me, I have a knack for words, and I love a great film/book/music album. Personality-wise, I am highly intuitive, empathic, and driven. I’ve been told I’m fun to work with, and a great listener.

Photography, like all great “jobs”, began as a hobby in my teens and organically grew by word-of-mouth. My first “real job” (circa 2004) began in administration for a busy interior design center, and I was later pushed towards sales and marketing by a trusted mentor. This move not only forced me out of my natural introversion (typical artist), it gained me loads of business experience and provided me with hands-on, high-level training and confidence in sales, communications, graphics, video, event planning, customer service, operations, and technology. Most importantly, it showed me a way to unify my passions, skills, and career – do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

So tell me, how can I help YOU elevate your own unique vision?

Lindsey Kotik | Artist & Consultant