Don’t just make a video… Tell a story.

My talent lies in creative direction, story-telling, and editing. I can also help with filming, or I have the right connections. Whether you’re hoping to create a special video of your personal memories, a compelling presentation for your professional team, or need eye-catching marketing content for your social media – quality video and proper story-telling is more important than ever.

Not all video is created equal. Consider hiring a professional as a worthy investment.

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When you’re ready for next-level graphic design, a template just won’t cut it.

There’s a lot more to graphic design than slapping together a few pictures and some words. Truly great design requires attention to detail, excellent organization, a way with words, knowing your audience, technical know-how, and a natural eye for composition. If you’re building a brand, consistency with imagery, mood, color, etc., and knowing how to keep this consistency between digital and print are essential. At times, even some legal knowledge is important. Getting all of these elements to align can be overwhelming. Get a pro on board – like me!

  • Logos & Branding
  • Social Media: Profile Pictures, Cover Photos, Event Headers, Daily Posts and More
  • Event Flyers & Posters
  • Real Estate Flyers
  • Resumes
  • Digital & Print Ads
  • Signatures & Watermarks
  • Video Creation & Editing
  • Presentations & Slideshows
  • Website Graphics
  • Banners & Signs
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Business Cards
  • T-Shirts & Promotional Items
  • Invitations, Postcards, Mailers
  • More!

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I’ve taken photos of everything, and I love doing it.

Whomever your audience may be, let me help you captivate them with artistic photography. I can handle just about any photography request and I love a new challenge. 

Need some photo editing help? I’ve got you. I usually include artistic editing in my photo delivery – especially when I’m photographing people. I also don’t mind editing existing photos.


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